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Citi Pak manufactures disposable food packaging solutions for institutional catering companies across all sectors including but not limited to hotels, hospitals, restaurants, bakeries, airlines and ship chandlers. The focus is on modern packaging that helps maintain the natural freshness of the food products inside. The portfolio of products is extensive and includes more than 1000 items exported to the Gulf region, Africa and parts of Europe.

Citi Pak’s fleet of vehicles enable timely delivery and seamless logistics for its clients. The sales offices ensure customer-service teams are on hand for all international clients at all times. Safety and hygiene items are also included in the product range. Tailor-made options can be requested for select products.

Some of the wide range of items produced at Citi Pak are foils, films, safety and hygiene items, cups, lids, bowls, trays, hinged boxes, tableware, bags, microwavable containers, rolls, sheets, aluminium platters and cake cups.